February 17, 2023
11:45 am

Google spins out secret hi-speed telecom project called Aalyria, and keeps stake in startup


Recent News

Aalyria Launches to Revolutionize Communications Networks Across Land, Sea, Air, and Space
Aalyria launches today as an independent company with a mission to orchestrate and manage hyper-fast, ultra-secure, and highly complex communications networks that span land, sea, air, and space.
Google’s Loon Project Gets Resurrected. Without Google. Or Balloons
The startup Aalyria Technologies wants to provide high-speed internet using software and networking technology from an abandoned moonshot.
Into the ‘outernet’: Secure ‘internet in space’ key to future Space Force hybrid architecture
The Defense Innovation Unit's (DIU's) Hybrid Space Architecture (HSA) program seeks to provide global, ubiquitous, and secure internet connectivity throughout the space domain for commercial, civil, and military users, including international allies and partners.


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