November 14, 2023
3:16 pm

Telesat Selects Aalyria’s Spacetime for Orchestration of Its Revolutionary Telesat Lightspeed Constellation


Recent News

Space startup Aalyria demonstrates satellite mesh network
The company is working with the Defense Innovation Unit to create a “hybrid space architecture”
Aalyria to Develop ESA's O-RAN Platform for 5G/6G NTN Connectivity.
Aalyria commits to long-term partnership with new headquarters in the U.K to Build O-RAN Compliant Orchestration Platform to Unlock 5G/6G Non-terrestrial Connectivity
LeoLabs, Aalyria Team Up to Advance and Secure Complex, Global Communications Networks
The companies agree to work together to address emerging challenges for complex, hybrid communications networks that span land, sea, air, and space


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