The Verge
February 17, 2023
11:46 am

There’s a plan for Google’s failed balloon-based internet, and it involves lasers


Recent News

Space Development Agency to consider commercial LEO options to augment DoD network
SpaceX, Kuiper, Aalyria were selected to conduct three-month studies
Aalyria Awarded Contract to Utilize Tightbeam Laser Comms Capability for Naval Research Laboratory SOAR Project
The technology can deliver faster speeds, across greater distances, and through more difficult conditions than people think is possible. We’re excited to leverage Tightbeam’s unique, cutting-edge technology to advance critical communications capabilities for the Navy.
Leidos and Aalyria joining forces to revolutionize security and resiliency of complex global scale critical networks
By integrating Spacetime into new and existing solutions, the companies are developing multi-domain mission infrastructure capabilities that are secure, resilient and capable of spanning air, land, sea and space.


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