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Leidos and Aalyria joining forces to revolutionize security and resiliency of complex global scale critical networks
By integrating Spacetime into new and existing solutions, the companies are developing multi-domain mission infrastructure capabilities that are secure, resilient and capable of spanning air, land, sea and space.
Aalyria & Anduril Partner to Integrate Technologies to Enhance Battlefield Capabilities
We’re pleased to partner with Aalyria to leverage our complimentary software, hardware and communications capabilities to deliver resilient communications and command and control capabilities for the U.S. Government mission partners
Rivada Space Networks selects Aalyria Spacetime
Aalyria, the company marketing technology developed by Google parent Alphabet, announced an agreement March 13 with Rivada Space Networks.

Pathfinder Podcast

Aalyria just emerged from stealth mode, announcing an acquisition of a trove of connectivity technology from Google. The search juggernaut's parent company Alphabet has been developing high-altitude networking technology and apparently a space laser for years, if not decades.

Satellite 2023 Keynote

Revolutionizing All-Domain Mesh Networks at Planetary Scale